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Our Firm/Nuestra Firma



Many people like to know a little about the law firm behind the services
provides and the practices areas, this page provide information about
our professional philosophy, history, and attorneys.

Our Business Philosophy

Our firm's business philosophy, goals and values are what make as unique and distinguishable among large international law firm. Together, they shape our entire approach to the practice of law and to the business of law.
Our operating philosophy is simple and straighforward:
a full service law firm which consistently delivers timely, high quality services affordably-while striving always to provide added value to its client relationships-will conti nue to earn the legal representation of existing and new clients who need those services.
As in any other services industry, the combination of quality services, responsiveness and value will determine which law firm earn the opportunity to represent those clients sought after in the crowded legal marketplace.

At Arnaud,we sincerely believe the practice of law is an honor and a privilege and we dedicate our selves
to providing unexcelled legal representation to the clients who entrust to us their legal matters.

Our Firm

Arnaud was established in 1975 in Paris, France and Caracas, Venezuela. Now have offices in Paris, Buenos Aires, Mexico.

Our Attorneys

A business is only as good as the
people who work for it.
Our attorneys .. makes a difference.

Nuestros abogados son egresados de
reconocidas Universidades de U.S.A
Francia,Argentina, Mexico y Venezuela
Especializados en Derechos
Intelectuales, Corporativos e Inmigracion.

Nuestra experiencia y responsabilidad
es nuestra mejor carta de recomendacion.

Arnaud & Kraft
Attorneys who makes a difference

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