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FAQ/Preguntas mas frecuentes. Forming the Company




We will compliance with all applicable laws,
including the proper preparation and filing of
all registration documents

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1-What information do I need?
The information we need is the name you would like to use for the Corporation and the names, addresses and social security numbers of the people involved.
2-How many people do I need?
There is a minimum of one person required to form a corporation
3-How long does the process take?
The regular services is two weeks from the day you place the order. We do have rush services available, should you need incorporate urgently
4-What is a Federal ID number and why do I need one?
A Federal identification number is the equivalent of a social security number for a Corporation.
You use this number to open a bank account, and start doing business
5-What is a Sub Chapter S Corporation?
If you are a Citizen or Permanent Resident of the United States, this is generally the most advantageous type of Corporation you can have. A Sub Chapter S Corporation does not pay any Federal Corporate Income Tax, so that the earning of the Corporation flow directly to the owners
6-I'm a foreigner, what is the best type of Corporation for me?
Currently. the most tax advantageous type of Corporation for a foreigner is a Limited Liability Corporation. Similar to a Sub Chapter S Corporation, in a Limited Liability Company, the earning flow directly to the owners, thereby eliminating Company Income Taxes. A regular Corporation would be subject to Federal Corporate Income Tax ans State Corporate Income Tax. These combined rates can be as 40% of the Profits
7-Can my mailing address be a P.O. Box?
Yes, but we will also require a physical addess for the Corporation. The physical address may be a home or office.
For a nominal fee, we can also provides our corporate address for the purpose of filing the Corporate Records
8-Can I form a Corporation with just one person?
Yes, usually a President, secretary, treasurer and Director are listed in the Corporate Records. All of this positions may be filled by one person
9-How do I find out if my name is taken?
We will do a preliminary name search as soon as you place your order and let you know if there is any conflict with the name on a preliminary basis. Howewer, the name is not guaranteed until the Corporation is filed
10-How do I know if I have to file a DBA?
If the Corporation will be doing business under a name other than it's legal name, a DBA (Doing Business As) must be registered according to currents Laws. We can register DBA for you in conjunction with the incorporation process
11-How can I protect my Company name?
You may protect the Company name or the brand name of any service or product by registering either a State or Federal Trademark.

We can register your Trademark


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