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Copyrights/Derechos de Autor



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Definition of a Copyright

A copyright is a federally-granted right which protects an author's particular expression of an idea. Copyrights does not give protection to the actual idea being expressed. Rather, it protects the particular form of expression the author used in expressing his or her idea. Thus, anyone is free to express the same idea as long as the author's particular form of expression is not copied.
For example, two nearly identical photographs of the Eiffel Tower by two different people can each be individually copyrighted if they are independently created since each photograph is an expression of its respective author.

Copyrighs protects the author from the unauthorized copyng of the work,
or a portion of the work, by another.

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What can be copyrighted?

Copyright is accorded to original
works of authorship of literature
drama, music, sculpture, computer
programs, sound recording, film,
photography, and works of fine arts.

Copyright gives the owner the
exclusive right to reproduce,
distribute,sell, perform, o
publicity display the
copyrighted work and to prepare
derivative works therefrom.

The firm's attorneys have
experience in obtaining
copyrights registration,
licensing and acquiring
copyrights, and conducting
due diligence and audits
on copyrighted holdings

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